Rafting on Struma River

Rafting trip, which takes about 2 hours.

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Rafting on Iskar River

Rafting trip, close to Sofia-60 km away. It takes about 1,5-2 hours.

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About the club

Rafting BG

Our aim:
To raft on many rivers, to enjoy them and having in mind the safety to get along with mother nature.

Stanimir Stanimirov – Chachi

rafting guide

rafting, kayak, canyoning guide

Thomas Jefferson
If you want something you've never had
You must be willing to do something you've never done.

Yana Damianova

rafting guide

We are:
one team, one family...... you are welcome in our family.

Leonid Dervahanyan – Leo

rafting guide

About us




With our club you can do rafting on Struma, Iskar, Arda, Trisuli and Kali Gandaki(Nepal), Agitis,Vikos and Arachthos (Greece) , Osumi (Albania), Socha(Slovenia), Tara (Bosnia and Herzegovina), Mekong (Vietnam), Chuya and Katun Rivers(Siberia) .


Kayak tours

With our club you can kayak on rivers: Danube, Yantra, Tundja and Iskar, on the lakes: Iskar, Ognyanovo, Beglik, Shiroka polyana, Dospat. We will visit the island Ammouliani, Diaporos, Thasos, Lefkada, Meganissi, Zakynthos, Corfu, Kefalonia , Syvota, etc.



With us you can have one unforgettable teambuilding for you and your staff, by combining different activities, such as extreme ones and logical and funny games. This can be arranged everywhere.


Trekking and climbing

With our club you can climb the peaks: Triglav (Slovenia), Montblanc (France), base camp Annapurna or Poo Hill (Nepal), and the Bulgarians highest peaks – Botev, Malyovitza, Vihren, Musala , etc.

  • PROGRAM: SUP on Pancharevo lake

    21 April 2018 / Price per person: 16BGN

    You wish to try the new water sport – SUP (Stand up paddling). You can do it every

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  • PROGRAM: Kayaking trip with a SUP on Lefkada island

    28 April 2018 / Price per person: 330BGN

    Dates: 6th-9th of April, 28th of April – 1st of May, 4th-7th of May, 24th-27th of May, 2nd-5th

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  • PROGRAM: Kayaking round Syvota islands

    4 May 2018 / Price per person: 330BGN

    Date: 6th-9th of April, 28th of April – 1st of May, 4th-7th of May, 24th-27th of May and

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  • PROGRAM: Kayaking trip round island Diaporos

    5 May 2018 / Price per person: 199BGN

    Weekend kayak trip in the area of Chalkidiki peninsular. If the weather conditions are good, we will make

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  • PROGRAM: Rafting on Arda river

    5 May 2018 / Price per person: 200BGN

    You want to run away from the civilization? You can do it for 2 days by rafting on

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  • PROGRAM: Rafting for children

    12 May 2018 / Price per person: 40BGN

    Rafting is a sport, that is getting more and more popular, for which you do not need some

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  • PROGRAM: Kayaking on Pancharevo lake

    12 May 2018 / Price per person: 15BGN

    You wish to kayak, or just want to try it for a first time, and need to know

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  • PROGRAM: Greek rafting safari

    18 May 2018 / Price per person: 340BGN

    Rafting in the beautiful Zagorie in Epirus region. Small villages are filled with typical area stone houses. Overnight

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  • PROGRAM: Island kayak Odissey

    23 May 2018 / Price per person: 350BGN

    Dates: 5th-9th of April, 3rd-7th of May, 23rd-27th of May, and when a group is formed. This program

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  • PROGRAM: Balkan rafting safari

    23 May 2018 / Price per person: 530BGN

    One extreme rafting trip in the Balkans – a trip in the vivid canyon of Osumi River in

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  • PROGRAM: Super weekend on Sithonia

    1 June 2018 / Price per person: 240BGN

    SUP is getting more and more popular sport, which develops the muscles of the whole body. Rafting Bg

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  • PROGRAM: Rafting with miniraft on Struma river

    2 June 2018 / Price per person: 60BGN

    Rafting with miniraft on Struma River is a great way to cool off into the river during the

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Stanimir Stanimirov – Chachi

Born: 20.04.1971
Education: National sports academy – Alpinism
Qualification: rafting, kayak and alpine guide
Experience: work in the outdoor activities since 1995. 2 years teacher in students centre Malyovitsa, 2,5 years experience in Sunbornhol – Denmark.
Interests: kayak, rafting. He had kayaked and rafted on some of the wildest rivers in the world: Kali Gandaki and Upper Seti (Nepal)Chuya and Katun (Altay, Siberia), Pacuare (Costa Rica), Kitulgala(Sri Lanka), Mekong (Laos)


Nikolai Dzhambazov – Metana

Born: 28.03.1983
Education: secondary specialized
Qualification: rafting guide class 3; kayaking and mountaineering instructor
Experience: 8 years touring kayak, kayaking in fast waters, sea kayaking; rafting instructor since 2008.; dealing with outdoor teambuilding since 2008.; 2 years climbing
Interests: kayaking in all its forms


Leonid Dervahanyan – Leo

Born: 17.05.1979;
Education: secondary special;
Qualification: rafting guide class 2;
Experience: rafting guide since 2009;
Interests: white water kayaking, river and sea kayaking, skiing, snowboard and biking;


Dobromir Mihaylov – Dobri

Born: 27.11.1988г.
Education:  secondary specialized
Experience: rafting instructor since 2011
Interests: rafting, kayak, ski


Milena Mladenova

Born: 13.12.1975г.
Education: engineer Communication technologies, Technical University Sofia
Experience: sports rafting since 2008, rafting instructor since 2012
Interests: rafting, swimming, fitnes, skiing, traveling


Maria Radchikova – Masha

Nationality: Russia
Born: 07.01.1986г.
Education: International relations in Moscow university
Qualification: rafting instructor, experienced in Russia, Turkey, Montenegro, Argentina, Mexico, Brazil, Greece, Peru.
Experience: rafting instructor since 2010, since 2013 working on Struma river.
Interests: rafting, books


Lyubomir Ivanov

Born: 22.10.1988г.
Education: Technical University
Experience: rafting guide since 2012.
Interests:rafting, motorbikes


Kristina Popova

Born: 26.02.1990г.
Qualification: licensed ski instructor, class A, rafting instructor class 3, probationer speleology instructor
Experience: rafting instructor since 2014
Interests: rafting, white water kayaking


Chavdar Todorov

Born: 25.07.1989
Education: Massage therapy – Blagoevgrad University
Qualification: rafting guide class 2,masseur.
Experience: rafting instructor since 2009, teambuilding instructor since 2005
Interests: rafting, skiing, hiking, wrestling


Yana Damianova

Born: 12.08.1986.
Education: Eng. Computer Systems and Technologies
Qualifiers: lifeguard, course completion for rafting guides about IRF, kayaking course in swift water BKO
Experience: 1 year sport rafting, rafting instructor since 2011.
Interests: white water kayaking, rafting, swimming, rock climbing, trekking, biking, skiing


Ivan Hindalov – Hindala

Born: 10.12.1989;
Education: Canoe-kayak trainer, National Sports Academy;
Qualification: rafting instructor, paddler in dragon boats, sports kayaker;
Опит: rafting instructor since 2016;
Interests: kayak, rafting, motor sports, water motor sports;


Peter Henry Mayorga Donayre

Nationality: Peru;
Born: 18.06.1967;
Education: Graphic designer,National School of Fine Arts;
Qualification: rafting instructor guide class 3;
Experience: rafting instructor since 2000;
Interests: rafting, books, outdoor sports;


Our Clients

  • We had a great time on the rafting on Struma river. Special greetings to Niki!



  • I would like to thank you again for the super fast and adequate answer. I personally had a look at the offers and liked them a lot.



  • So quickly, great thanks, jarosław

  • I had the pleasure to do rafting trip in Kresna gorge. At that time you mentioned about kayaking trips and our employees liked the idea. I am interested what offer you can make for about 20 people.



  • Thank you too! And once again: your were great and we had a great time! We wish you many emotions to you too!

  • I would like to thank you for the great experience and for this, that with your help we made another great memory. Thank you for the good organization and for that, that though the not so good weather conditions, the spirit of your team did not lower and you did all the best this to



  • Thank you for the great day;)

  • I like a lot the information I found in our site.I would love to organize the most extreme canyoning for….



  • Hi! We would like to thank you again for the nice  kayak adventure on Ammuliani island, Chalkidiki peninsular in the period 2nd-4th of October. We would be happy if you send the pictures of the Burgas kayaking team;)



  • My first successful (not falling in the water) rafting;) Although Winky saving you is one thrilling experience too;) Thank you, Sashe and Joro! The experience was great!



  • Thanks for the well organized trip. Everybody had fun and we will repeat something like this for sure.Thanks and see you 😉



  • Many thanks for your tolerant attitude! You are awesome ! Nice day! 🙂



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