• PROGRAM: Rafting on Socha River and climbing Triglav Peak

    24 June 2024 / Price per person: 850BGN

    Peak Triglav is located in the Yulian Apls and its height is 2864 m. Socha River is an attractive river, popular with its turquoise colour. Day one: we leave

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  • PROGRAM: Rafting and trekking in Nepal – 20 days

    4 November 2024 / Price per person: 3450BGN

    Nepal is one exotic country to dream about, this program is a combination of high mountains, white water rivers, soaring with the birds and safari in the jungle. Day

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  • PROGRAM: Rafting and trekking in Altay

    21 August 2023 / Price per person: 3850BGN

    Day one: Flight Sofia-Moscow-Barnaul. The accommodation is in a guesthouse. Day two: breakfast and relax till noon. In the afternoon transfer by car and hiking to the Chemal Glacier,

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  • PROGRAM: Trekking and climbing Pooh Hill and Annapurna Base Camp

    21 October 2024 / Price per person: 1690BGN

    Nepal is one exotic country to dream about, in which it is not enough to go just once. The view from Pooh Hill is the second most popular

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  • PROGRAM: A trip to Tibet

    13 November 2023 / Price per person: 5860BGN

    One trip in the Himalaya heart, to the Snow land, we will feel the atmosphere of the Tibetan monks, the local markets and the everyday life of the

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  • PROGRAM: Everest base camp trek

    23 October 2023 / Price per person: 3200BGN

    Day 1: Arrival in Kathmandu. Accommodation in a 3 star hotel. Visit in the touristic part of Kathmandu- Thamel. Day 2: Visit in Bakthapur - a capital of Nepal

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